Let's talk about balance

Let's talk about balance
By DailyCelestial
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When we move towards a goal, especially if the goal is great, significant, our entire energy is focused on this area.

This is our 10th house of the horoscope.

It shows the possibilities of achievement when it happens. It also indicates whether there is a goal at all, what is its nature. When children or students appear in our life, then for the 10th house of a person's career this is the 8th house — the house of transformation, changes, problems. That is, when, for example, children are born, it is more difficult or even impossible to move towards achieving the goal.

And for the children themselves, the 10th house of the father-mother is the 6th house — the house of difficulties, illnesses. And the logic is very straightforward. When we pull the blanket by one edge, the blanket “falls off” from the other edges.

When we take care of children, our career suffers.

If we devote more time to our careers, children do not have enough energy. Therefore, our life always requires balance. Either you have to sacrifice something or so it turns out. I wish everyone to find balance and harmony in their development.

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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