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I always remember the village house where I was sent to for the summer. Summer holidays are long gone, as well as grandpa and grandma. Was it a bad childhood or a good one - it was there. This became my foundation.

In 2019, I often recalled at moments of thought that hometown. Even in my dreams, subtle details surfaced, sensations in my hands as I climbed over the fence, trees in the garden ... porch ... as if when I will close my eyes I will be able to walk there again. Such warm feelings.

Everything is clear, dear, every detail of the yard ... there is a large shed with hayloft, a toilet outside. Decrepit, but a bathhouse, into which, without bending, you won’t be able to enter. Hundreds of memories surfacing back.

For 2019, there were many tasks, lack of resources for their implementation ... a lot of stress and I did not understand why, instead of finding solutions, the brain constantly dove into the past.

The past is stable. It happened, solid and lived. The present moment is now, and it’s without clarity, mistaken for fears. The future is multivariate and voluminous, without any guarantees.

The past is our support and source of strength. But you can’t stay “there” forever, you need to move forward with your personal compass that will save your past and tell you the future.

We have developed a unique Daily Celestial App. It will have a calendar of personal biorhythms, with which it is convenient to plan important meetings, negotiations, understand your body, giving it the right rest and recovery, and move into the future more “successfully”.

This will allow you to have an accurate idea for the near future ahead, whether it is worth taking risks and taking responsibility or developing at a moderate pace. All my personal experience in counseling has allowed me to draw a lot of patterns and make important discoveries so that volumetric knowledge finds a clear structure and ease of perception.

The main advantage of the Daily Celestial application is its speed of response and practicality. What we strive for is the availability of knowledge. For everyone, who wants to open their phone can see a “personal weather forecast” and plan their immediate and long-term goals.

We hope that we will help your future to turn from a terrible stranger into a close friend.

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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