The Importance Of Biorhythms In Personal Forecasting

The Importance Of Biorhythms In Personal Forecasting
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The life of every person is inextricably linked with biorhythms. They affect activity, emotionality, intellectual ability, and communication. Correct calculation of biorhythm compatibility can help to establish friendly, professional, and even love relationships.

What are biorhythms?

Our body works cyclically, according to biorhythms. Everything depends on them: from cellular processes to behavioral reactions. Scientists have identified about 400 biorhythms that control a person during the day. And each of them has its period of rise and fall. Biorhythms are relatively stable.

They do not change under the influence of random factors and the state of the organism, but they adapt to changes in specific conditions. If biorhythms are not synchronized with the environment or with each other, then desynchronization occurs. Its long-term exposure will sooner or later lead to some kind of disease. To a large extent, biological rhythms affect relationships between people.

Perhaps, everyone in life has had situations when one person, for no understandable reason, caused hostility, while contact was established with another from the first minute of acquaintance. The reason for this phenomenon is the compatibility of people in biorhythms. Of course, in addition to this, many other factors affect relationships with others, but still, knowledge and consideration of biorhythms will help to correct behavior and provide answers to many questions.

There are three main types of biological rhythms: physical, emotional, intellectual. Many also consider the fourth type - intuitive (spiritual). Data for each of them are presented in a graph illustrating the periods of growth and decline.

  • Physical type: based on a 23-day cycle. The physical compatibility of biorhythm partners affects the productivity of joint activities, the joy of communicating with each other, and sexual relations. If this figure is close to 75%, then the stronger partner will have to put in more effort. With an indicator of 50% and below, for the desired result, it is necessary to wait for a period when the biorhythms of both partners are on the rise.
  • Emotional type: the calculation uses a cycle that lasts 28 days. For long-term and marriage relationships, 100% emotional compatibility by date of birth is harmful. It can be as controversial as lack of compatibility. For family life, the ideal rate is between 50 and 75%.
  • Intellectual type: based on a 33-day cycle, harmony of thinking and joint decision-making depends on it. Thus, the intellectual compatibility of biorhythms by date of birth is important not only in personal relationships but also in business. The best results will be achieved by 100%, but there will be no originality in such a solution. A compatibility rate close to 75% for partners who complement each other. With an indicator below 50%, partners will have to coordinate their biorhythms.
  • Intuitive type: the period for calculating the spiritual biorhythm is the largest - 38 days. This is one of the most important components of love compatibility by date of birth because it determines emotional closeness, sincerity, harmony. The higher this indicator, the better.

To determine biorhythms, various data are used, including the date of birth of people. Modern technologies allow making calculations at any convenient time. One of the forecasting tools is the Daily Celestial application, available for download on Google Play and AppStore.

The application was developed by the forecaster Timur Garipov and his team to make a personal forecast based on your biorhythms.

Daily Celestial Team

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