The Second Wave 

Second wave: economic crisis, covid-19
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The second wave has begun... The period of improvements that we wrote about earlier is over. A storm begins in the economy and other global areas:

  1. COVID-19 - the second wave began earlier than expected;
  2. bubonic plague in Mongolia and China;
  3. tropical fever in Singapore;
  4. friction between China and the USA and China and India;
  5. the oil war between Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation ... the situation is heating up everywhere.

The list can go on, but everything is according to the "plan." I hope everyone managed to maintain their savings and converted them into reliable currencies, or sold assets not of prime necessity. Now you need to optimize expenses and start making food supplies just in case.

All June and July I was silent, as I should according to my biorhythms. I cannot stand it anymore – that’s why I’m writing ...

Keep your mind clean. The excess will not stick and the crisis will pass. At the moment, we live in the “washing machine” mode. There is a further reboot of the global economy.

Today, external efforts to earn money are almost useless. It is a perfect time to direct forces to your Health, acquire new skills, and learn new things.

I wish you all an unshakable faith in a favorable outcome and a healthy indifference to external stimuli.

Graph explanation
High tech NASDAQ index. The forecast is based on fundamental causes and astronomical cycles. Result: bankruptcy of companies, fake reporting, quarantine restrictions, lack of demand from customers (demand began to fall before the outbreak of coronavirus infection).

Forecaster Timur Garipov and Daily Celestial Team

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