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Astrology now covers almost everything from spiritual counseling to telephone or desktop applications. Astrology has become a cultural phenomenon and a personal tool - some even wake up with excitement to check new horoscope for the day.

Astrology can be considered the lowest niche, but at least 40% of women admit that they start their day by reading a public horoscope. Astrology and its directions are also popular in the CIS countries and the West.

For example, Jessica Lanyadu and Chani Nicholas have been practicing astrological consulting based on mathematics for over 20 years. Chani Nicholas' book “You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance” has become a bestseller in the West.

In his book, the author talks about a person's personal birth chart. He calls it a snapshot of the sky at the moment of the first breath. On this conditional map, you can read all the talents of a person, the problems that may arise in life, and the opportunity that should be used.

Strengthened by this knowledge, a person will be able to live the life for which he was born.

Astrology has completely merged into our lives, for example, the practical astrologer Sam Reynaud writes about the stars and planets. He also has an interesting study on the astrology of serial killers. He analyzed the birth dates of serial killers. He said that their solar signs are unstable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius ...).

Unstable because they are divided between two planets.

In the modern world, many people have a very developed view of their interest in the "new" astrology. People strive to find themselves with the help of their biorhythms. Learn more about their future along the lines on their hand or coffee grounds. Get information about them by their date of birth.

Some people are simply confused and want to get some advice on how to proceed in their lives. In solving this particular problem, personal forecasting can help.

Personal communication with the forecaster gives you a good result.

After receiving a personalized forecast, you know how to proceed. You won’t make rash decisions but will simply move in the right direction.

A man is an unopened book, for which, there will be not enough lifetime to read.

Personal forecasting, which is based on astrology, mathematics, and biorhythmology, provides a huge opportunity to know yourself. Personal reading for a modern person, is like the alphabet for a first-grader.

Description of the graph. An example of a personal client forecast

2020 is a busy year. This year is not suitable for risky projects. There may be problems in the field of relationships with people. Ascending lines indicate periods of strengthening of favorable circumstances and personal energy, descending lines indicate periods of weakening and the emergence of problems.

Recommendation: improve personal skills, strengthen the emotional background. Be careful with your purchases and investments and avoid unnecessary purchases and expenses.

PS: for the client, the first half of 2020 was indeed very stressful. It was supposed to be a big business project, but for some unknown reason, they could not launch it. The client decided to heed our recommendations. Now everything is stable, we continued to actively work on the launch of the project, but already in 2021. We continue consulting and working with this client.

Daily Celestial Team 

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