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We are mistaken in believing that a modern vacation is only traveling, shopping, or relaxing with the help of alcohol. This type of rest does not allow you to recover 100%.

Every day, we are automatically given a huge potential of internal energy. Our brain uncontrollably eats up a lot of charge, and even more, if energy is used to organize chaos in thoughts and senseless reflection. Huge expenses of energy are spent on fears, unjustified expectations, and disappointments. We all are familiar with the unnecessary waste of energy on all kinds of useless things during the day.

Our head does not rest, because irritants are everywhere. As a result: we wake up, get a boost of energy, but at the end of the day - we become very tired, because we used up even more than was given. The result is a lack of energy. It would seem that the most effective thing in this situation is "doing nothing". After all, each unit of time, space saturates with waves of energy but our capacity does not have time to fill up for the future expenses.

Space daily and every second pervades all living and nonliving with energy, only at this moment we do not have time to accumulate for later use. And in the chaos of thoughts and irritants, we lose it right there. Like a holey bucket/colander: no matter how much you pour in, everything is leaking out.

What do we need then? We need to calm down and think about ... meditation. Because calmness and meditation are like 2 whales of harmony and balance. The principle is simple - the more we are at rest, the more we accumulate energy in the capacity.

When meditating, it is important to remember the effect of the limitation. After 5-7 minutes of meditation, our calmness, as if precisely on someone’s request will be disturbed. Maybe your back will become itchy, or someone will persistently ring the doorbell. Anything can happen. This is a sign that the inner container is full. With practice, your inner capacity will expand, and more energy can be stored. Indeed, the higher our goals, the more of free energy is needed, this is creative potential and inspiration.

Meditation can be different, but the central axis is a comfortable posture and static body. Breathing should be calm. It doesn’t matter where you practice meditation, be it in Turkey, in a 5-star hotel, or somewhere in a small room. The difference is only in value of the place. Everyone in life encounters time of setbacks or problems, and this is the best time to practice energy - meditation. The golden rule is to accumulate more and spend less. This makes it easier to go through the crisis range, or during the rise - to engage in projects with an expanded "gas tank".

Meditation is not sacred knowledge, it is practice. There is no right meditation. Only practice helps to improve.

Daily Celestial team practices meditation daily. This helps us to focus and find a balance to create unique content for our subscribers, also infused with the life situation of our users and give the right recommendations through our application.

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